Zoom Cafes

Welcome to the Perichoresis Zoom Cafés! Through our Zoom gatherings, we invite individuals to engage in conversations, share stories, and participate in contemplative practices aimed at deepening our collective understanding and personal growth. Join us as we journey together towards greater insight, healing, and connection.


Americas Zoom Café

Hello, I am Ellyn Scansen!

I wanted to invite you to continue the conversation with others that are on this beautiful journey. It is my privilege to host an online community called the Perichoresis Americas Café. This community gathers on zoom, the fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM Mountain time. We gather and share our stories of journeying away from our inherited western understanding of G * O * D. These stories are often referred to as journeying away from the “Old Country” paradigm to the “New Country” of of the beautiful apostolic gospel rooted in our eternal inclusion within the incarnated, resurrected and ascended Jesus Christ.

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As we know, this beautiful gospel is not new, but ancient. However, many of us have felt estranged from our Father, His Son ,the Trinity, and even parts of ourselves due to the paradigm of the “Old Country”. Not only that, many of us have also felt lonely as we have stepped away from a dualistic, separated community. It is a joy to gather and hear what we are learning and how life is different in the “New Country”. Locating the love of the Trinity, which was present in the “Old Country”, is deeply meaningful and healing. Telling our story helps us own and validate our journey. Story telling can also reveal to us where we may be stuck and can help us reach out for support. Hearing another’s story creates deeper connection and thus community, which is one of the main goals of this gathering.

The Perichoresis Americas Café is also a safe place to discuss theological questions in a gracious, understanding environment. The conversation is respectful and compassionate. Curiosity is invited and welcomed! We like to discuss questions that help us undo the old paradigm. Questions and ideas like:

What from the Old country is destructive and should be left behind or reinterpreted theologically and with mystery? How can I rest when my “Old Country” paradigm is telling me internally to do more and try harder, or that I am not enough?  What about the ontological me vs the existential me? How can I have new eyes regarding The Eternals (The Trinity) myself and others? How do I give up my right to judge? How do I learn to live loved, rather than from fear, power and control? How do I forgive others from the “Old Country” or others that have hurt us, or myself? How do we live integrated lives in a dualistic world? How do I find “New Country”, (ancient) renderings of theological terms related to the gospel and life in the Trinity? Is there an apostolic use of scripture giving freedom to reinterpret the old dogma? Does this sound fun to you??? 😊

Many of us have come from traditions that do not believe that we can hear from any of the persons of the Trinity. I try to have a segment in the café that gives us space to sense or hear what Momma Spirit (Holy Spirit)  is revealing. This is done through contemplative prayer experiences like a Visio Divina, or a Lectio Divina. After the exercise, people are free to share what they have experienced with the group. This has been inspirational and very healing for many in the group. People are also encouraged to write stories, songs and poetry. It is especially fun to hear these when we have “Show and Tell” included in the evening!

If you are hungering for more conversations, and time with kindred spirits, please reach out to me click here and I will send you a zoom invitation.

Joy and peace to you!

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Australia Zoom Café

The Australian Zoom Cafe has been meeting for over two years, mostly on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month beginning 7pm Adelaide time for about two hours. Over that time there has been an average participation of between 10 and 20 screens with over 50 people joining us over that time. These zoom café sessions, grew initially out of the ITTF (Introduction to Trinitarian Faith) courses that ran in 2021. Those who have participated in them expressed a desire to continue meeting and share further on the things that they were learning in the context of the beautiful, inclusive trinitarian gospel. I is not important for anyone to have one the course to join us a get a lot from it.

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Our journey together into this gospel has been framed in terms of entering a new country. This means discovering afresh the gospel as articulated by the early church fathers  and this has been opened up by much loved teachers including C Baxter Kruger, William Paul Young, Bruce Wauchope and the writings and teachings of Brad Jersak. Our sessions are a safe place where people can come and share their thoughts, their learnings, and their doubts as we journey together. Some of the things we have considered together are:

  • The book “Home by Baxter Kruger
  • The ontology of God Lectures by William P Young
  • The video series “Restoring the Shack” by Willaim P Young (over 20 episodes)
  • Lectures on “The Gospel and Soul Healing” by Dr Bruce Wauchope

Our sessions begin with a time where people share how their week(s) are going and usually they share some aspect of their lives, often in response to a question. We have learned a lot about each other, shared a lot of laughter and deep bonds are forming. We then might watch a video or read something for about 30-40 minutes. After this we then go into breakout rooms where there is opportunity for discussion and sharing in a smaller group. Feedback has highlighted the importance of the time in breakout rooms as people work through ideas together and get a chance to get to know each other better.

We have come to see that our learning takes place most effectively in community and for many, this is the only place they are able to share with their journey with others. It has become a safe and a spacious place for us all. We are all on a journey together and each has opportunity to share their journey in the Zoom Café sessions and we learn a lot from each other. Whilst we are very aware that these sessions are not as good as being face-to-face, there has been a lot of encouragement and support for those who participate.

These sessions are open to anyone who would like to join us. If you would feel free to contact me: click here and we will be glad to include you.

Wes Chambers