C. Baxter Kruger

The Mediation of Jesus Christ

The Mediation of Jesus Christ

Union or Separation?

It is an important question. Many of us, maybe most of us, started with separation from God because the Western Church has preached separation for so long we didn’t even realize there was an alternative way of looking at things. But, once you take off the glasses of separation and put on the glasses of Union, Oh My! How everything changes. Dr. C. Baxter Kruger has been making this point for over 30 years. His new essay “The Mediation of Jesus Christ” is the result of a life-time of study, preaching, discussion and living life from the vantage point of union. Union of the Father, Son and Spirit, union of Jesus with all humanity, indeed, union with all creation. You may download it and send it to friends or provide them with the link to read it for themselves.

We hope this essay will help you to see things through a different set of lenses. The lenses through which the early Church Fathers viewed Jesus, His Father and the Spirit. Let the words of the essay sink in deeply, but before you begin to read, ask the Spirit to open your eyes and ask the Spirit if this is true.

Randy Baxter