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The Mediation of Jesus Christ

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About this course

“Baxter has been working on this series since his doctoral days and has been adding to it as God has led him. It is the core vision of the Apostles, John and Paul in particular. Then you get that written out through history and the implications of Jesus’ identity.

This is the thing I keep going back to again and again. We are having theological conversations without really focusing on the identity of Jesus. When you begin to see the identity of Jesus Christ, it takes your breath away. Because when you speak the name Jesus Christ with the Apostles John, Paul & Peter and the early church your not just saying individual human being. Your saying Divine Son incarnate who is indivisibly one with the Father and Holy Spirit, who is the creator and sustainer and therefore lifegiving and sustaining.

To speak the name of Jesus Christ is to speak theological volumes – “The blessed Trinity, and fallen humanity, and broken creation, are not separated but together in relationship.” Jesus is himself the relationship.

As you work that out it has implications to every area of human life. Faith is a response to an encounter with Jesus in our own world who brought his Father and the Holy Spirit with him forever. That’s who Jesus is, he’s never going to go back on the incarnation, its impossible. We’re in this for the long haul. The Father, Son and Spirit don’t do abandonment.”

– C. Baxter Kruger