Across All Worlds - eBook


Jesus has made us part of his life and relationship with his Father and the Spirit.  Such a vision brings hope to us and gives us real reason to live.  But to see ourselves included in Jesus’ relationship with his Father also exposes the life we are living as a quagmire of fear and hiding.  Across All Worlds is about Jesus coming, in his passion for his Father to be known, to establish a personal relationship with us in our darkness.  Herein lies the crisis of our lives.  Jesus will never abandon us to our mythology and the gods and goddesses of our fallen imaginations.  But his presence means that we are haunted to the core of our souls.  His presence with us in our darkness means we know we are made for glory and that we are a long way from living in its freedom and joy.  This books is where the stunning vision of the Trinitarian gospel meets the darkness and pain of our human experience.  There are no simple answers.  Jesus will not abandon us.  But his presence means our theories are exposed as empty and sad and dead.  It is about relationship, about Jesus’ freedom to walk with us in our profound confusion and the mess we make of our lives so that he can bring us to know his Father with him and live our lives in the freedom of the Spirit’s witness to our adoption.