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April 12, 2019
Prayer Ten
Published on: April 12, 2019

Lord Jesus, your heart is so true and passionate, you refused to camp out on the frontiers of our darkness, and watch from a distance. You crossed all worlds to be with us. You entered into our world where we cannot see your Father. I love you for your determined, courageous heart. I love you because of your unwavering, irrespresible desire for us to see your Father with you, to know Him as you know Him, to live in the joy of His embrace as you do in the freedom of the Spirit. It is all so simple, but we are blind. Help us break through our legal mindset and see reconciliation as you have worked it out in your own experience. You are our faithful and merciful and experienced high priest. Give us your eyes.

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Baxter Kruger
C. Baxter Kruger has traveled the world for 30 years proclaiming the good news of our inclusion in Jesus and his relationship with his Father in the Spirit. He enjoys cooking crawfish, hand carving fishing lures, playing golf, and loves spending time with his grandchildren.

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