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April 12, 2019
Prayer One
Published on: April 12, 2019

Lord Jesus Christ, beloved and eternal Son of the Father, Homoousios to Patri, Anointed of the Holy Spirit, incarnate, crucified, resurrected and ascended Lord of all creation, I believe in you. With great joy, with the praise of my whole heart I acknowledge and agree that you have found me in my darkness and sin, laid hold of me and taken me down in your death, freed me from sin and evil, quickened me with new life in your resurrection, and lifted me up into your Father’s arms in your ascension. All of me, and mine, every war-torn fragment, every fearful, unbelieving, broken part is in you, in your Father, in the Holy Spirit. I rest in you, Jesus, lover of my soul, my Savior, my Salvation, my Sovereign, my King, my Liberator, the author and finisher of my faith. You have included me in all that you are and have in your union and face-to-face communion with your Father, and you have included me in your own anointing in the Holy Sprit. You have included me in your victory over evil and wickedness, and in your session at the Father’s right hand, above all rule and authority in heaven and on earth. Nothing can separate me from you, your Father, and the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, blessed brother, Lord Jesus. You became what I am to bring me to be what you are in your life with your Father in the Holy Spirit. I hear you speak my name, and with the freedom of your heart I turn toward your Father to see him with your eyes. I receive the witness of the Spirit of Adoption. I hear you Lord Jesus, and your “Abba! Father!” inside my own soul. I receive your Father’s everlasting love, and give myself, all of me, to your Father’s embrace, and to the healing of the Holy Spirit’s life.

Lord Jesus, in your courage, in the comfort of the personal presence of the Holy Spirit, and the unearthly assurance of your Father’s arms, I pledge all of me to your service, to participate in your ministry of liberation of our brothers and sisters. Reveal to me the agreements that I have made with evil and darkness, that I may break these agreements in your name, and that I may walk in every way in the glorious freedom of the children of God, in full agreement with the Holy Spirit, and in all his gifts.

I take my stand in you, Lord Jesus, and in your name and authority I bind and banish from my life, my body, my family, my sphere of influence, my kingdom, and my properties every foul thing, every spirit, power, and art, every prayer, curse, covering, idea, and desire that is directed towards me that is not in full submission to you, your Father, and the Holy Spirit. In your name, and by your authority, Lord Jesus, I summon the holy angels and command them to destroy the kingdom of darkness throughout my kingdom, and to establish the kingdom of the blessed Trinity throughout my domain.

Worthy are you Lord Jesus Christ, Father’s Son, Anointed One, Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, the One who baptizes in the Holy Spirit, Victorious Warrior, worthy are you of all praise and adoration and worship, now and forever. Thank you for being my Savior, my Good Shepherd, my High Priest, my true and faithful witness, my Alpha and Omega. I rest in you, and await your Word to me today.

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Baxter Kruger
C. Baxter Kruger has traveled the world for 30 years proclaiming the good news of our inclusion in Jesus and his relationship with his Father in the Spirit. He enjoys cooking crawfish, hand carving fishing lures, playing golf, and loves spending time with his grandchildren.

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