People often ask me, “What is Perichoresis?”. 

Rather than the ‘what’ I’d like to share from my heart, about why you matter, and why organizations like Perichoresis matters.

If you are anything like me, you grew up with many loving and well intending people who taught us from an early age about the god who cannot have anything to do with us because of our sin.  As you likely have heard Baxter’s journey, you know his compelling undoing of the ‘I am not’ in all of us. This inaccurate picture of an angry god pouring out his wraith on us and worse his son is born from this broken ‘I am not’ lens. Through a shame lens, much like in the Adam and Eve story angry, we can only see a distant, vengeful god. I even grew up and coopted this ugly “angry god” story and have perpetuated a myth of this deity that demands blood for sin and penalty to be paid. 

Constant cleansing of guilt, while living in denial of the of the performance mindset that this produced in me ensued. It was and is unsustainable. Well, at least I could not sustain it. Your story may be different but I suspect it is similar.

I hope you are disturbed or at least bothered to see people groups, societies, nations all at odds, jockeying for being first on the globe. To be the greatest. Number one. Dominant. Fearing for our rightful inheritance. An existential crisis lurks behind every corner. This angry god must be appeased to hold it all together to our favor. Yet we all fear we cannot appease this false god – we are far too imperfect and unloved for him to have our back. In our understandable insecurities, we go back to jockeying to prove we are right, we are more powerful, we are better, we are more blessed, we are more deserving, they are evil, they are a threat, they are wrong, they are pagans, and CANNOT be trusted. But this is not who God is. This is not who we are. Dare I say that this is not who even our perceived enemies are.

Christ, demonstrated that the true nature of God is love - serving, submission, forbearance, grace, forgiveness, adoration, affirmation. This is who Jesus is. Who the Father is. Who the Holy Spirit is. This is who also lives in us all, who has made us in THIS image with this nature.

Friends, inviting all of humanity to come home to this beautiful truth in all of us is the best answer to a world living in hate, anger, and fear. This Perichoresis community of people has been a breath of fresh air to thousands. Baxter has taught me these truths. I suspect it and he has been the same for you as well. The body of works that Baxter has committed his life career to author, and teach throughout the world, has been a beacon to me, you, and to countless others. A beacon that points us all back to assuming our beloved place in the fold with the creator of the cosmos.

This is what we are about at Perichoresis. Your hard earned gifts to Perichoresis are employed to help cover living and salary for Dr. Kruger, ministry expenses, a rigorous travel calendar, and costs of keeping this news before the world

I am committed to work to make every dollar count to this end – so that the world may know the life giving good news of the Trinity, the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that is for and in us all. If ever there was a critical time in my life that we all need to hear this – I propose it is NOW.

Until we see you at the next gathering, or event be encouraged – remain in love beyond measure. Thank you in advance for your generous and urgent gifts.

Ernie Tai – Vice Chairman of the Board

on Behalf of
Dr. C. Baxter Kruger, PhD – Founding Director
Dr. Harry Phillips, MD - Chairman of the Board
Randy Baxter – Board Director and Treasurer
Dr. Barry Glenn, DDS Board Director

Perichoresis, Inc.
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