To our Perichoresis Family,

We, like all of you, are concerned about the spread of the coronavirus. We hear about more and more events being canceled or postponed almost hourly and a growing level of travel restrictions. Perichoresis wants to be a responsible citizen and we want to make sure that nothing we do contributes to the problem or puts you at risk.

At this time, we are proceeding to plan for both the Perichoresis 2020 Men’s Conference in May, 2020 and for the 25th Anniversary Conference planned for mid-July 2020. HOWEVER, we will be monitoring events closely in the days and weeks ahead. It is our hope and prayer that the spread of the virus will be halted and reversed in time for us to proceed with our scheduled conferences. If, however, the coronavirus continues to spread and effect more and more people, we will then postpone one or both conferences to a later date. 

We will keep you informed of our plans for these exciting conferences. 

In the meantime, Baxter asks us to pray the following prayer: 

‘In Jesus name we command all forms of darkness to bow before Jesus and His gospel, and release the unlimited blessings of the Blessed Trinity upon our travels and gatherings that we may have an encounter with Jesus beyond our wildest dreams.’ Amen

Blessings, and stay safe out there.

Randy P Baxter
Executive Director