Upcoming Events:

Zoom Trinitarian Faith Course - July 15 - September 23: 
Join us for an 11 week e-course with Baxter Kruger teaching the foundational framework of Trinitarian thinking.

Past Events:

Three-Day Conference on the Nicene Creed - October 11-13 (Boston, MA):
There is a longing today to rediscover the ecstatic wonder of the ancient Gospel of grace. In an age where all truth is up for grabs, confusion and religious opinions abound. Many churches continue to rehash archaic, pagan lies of separation from a solitary God in the sky: replete with formulas for appeasing Him. They aren’t even aware of what they are doing.

    Perichoresis Men's Conference - May 31 – June 2, 2019 (Jackson, TN):
    Join us as we continue the conversation with Baxter, Paul Young, and other renowned speakers, and fellow sojourners for a guided journey through the weekend.  This year, in response to input from you, our community, we are featuring the topic, “what now?”.
      Open Table Conference - June 7 – June 9, 2019 (Portland, OR):
      The Open Table is a unique gathering centered around the relentless love of the Triune God. Space for authentic dialogue is offered so that we may explore questions of life, love and spirituality. It is part of a growing movement that delights in and embraces the mystery and beauty of relationship.