Three-Day Conference on the Nicene Creed

Three-Day Conference on the Nicene Creed

There is a longing today to rediscover the ecstatic wonder of the ancient Gospel of grace. In an age where all truth is up for grabs, confusion and religious opinions abound. Many churches continue to rehash archaic, pagan lies of separation from a solitary God in the sky: replete with formulas for appeasing Him. They aren’t even aware of what they are doing.

But the Nicene Creed gives us the ultimate lens on how to scripturally think about God: that He is Father, Son and Spirit in eternal communion. That to see Jesus is to fully see the love of the Father. Though we have been adopted and included in the Divine Family, and the church gives lip service to a belief in the Trinity, a robust understanding and experience of the Trinity has been sorely neglected. Bringing this event to the USA in New England in October 2019, John Crowder and Dr. C. Baxter Kruger will unfold eternal truth from the Nicene Creed as you’ve never heard it, with Sarina Heroy leading worship. This will be both a revelatory and celebratory weekend – recovering the awe, wonder and simplicity of the Gospel.

Creedal Christianity is undervalued in the charismatic/evangelical world. We associate creeds with dry liturgical ritual – not realizing the anchor of joy, security and astonished wonder such ancient truth brings to the soul. Far from dated, irrelevant or “just the basics” we take for granted, the Creed is the bedrock declaration of joy unspeakable and full of glory. In the Creed we see the Gospel: that Jesus is the complete and total declaration of Trinitarian love; there is no dark “God” of religion hiding behind the back of Jesus. Returning to the Creed revolutionizes everything.

Perhaps there’s never been an event like this in history where a wild, unhinged charismatic and a doctorate level theologian lock arms to unpackage the Nicene Creed in an atmosphere that is both supernatural and theological. This once-in-a-lifetime event is not to be missed, and threatens to reshape everything you thought you knew about God.

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