The Never Alone Experience

The Never Alone Experience

About this event

We are excited to announce this invitation for you to embark on a transformative journey reaffirming a profound truth you’ve always felt deep within the indissoluble connection we share with God and each other. In a world of religiosity that often preaches the narrative of separation, The Never Alone Experience is an invitation to recognize that God has already removed the veil of religiosity and separation and freed us from that bondage to rediscover our inherent unity with God and each other through the illuminating lens of scripture and personal encounter with our Creator, Father, and Friend.

Some of us have been experiencing the journey of intimacy with God, while some of us are just getting started. Some of us are not even aware that such a journey exists. It has been available to us from before the foundations of the world. It is true for all of us that God has created us with an innate desire to experience ONEness with God. Jesus prayed for this intimacy in John 17:20-23.

This immersive, one-day event is designed to:

  • Unveil the undeniable truth of your constant companionship with&in the Relationship of God(F,S,S)
  • Illuminate this truth through the life and teachings of Jesus and the sacred texts of scripture.
  • Reveal your birthright as a child of God to experience God’s indwelling presence. This fellowship and intimacy of the Relationship of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is always and forever, never dependent on your good or bad behavior. It is our birthright from before the foundations of this world and our created purpose!
  • Connect us with like-minded individuals, each on their unique path to discovering the revelation of the fullness of God in human form, Jesus, and that God desires us to recognize Jesus as Emmanuel, God with&in us.

We are thrilled to announce that C. Baxter Kruger, renowned theologian and author of “The Shack Revisited,” will join us to share his unique journey. Baxter brings a wealth of insight into the sovereign design of God’s relationship with humanity, offering profound reflections that promise to deepen your experience as a follower of Jesus. We also recognize and welcome that some who attend may not believe in God or may believe there is a God but are just not sure about God’s identity.

Join us for The Never Alone Experience, where you will embark on a spiritual exploration that promises enlightenment, connection, and a renewed sense of unity with God, family, and your community.

*Everyone brings their own lunch! 🙂
*Also, bring your favorite lawn chair!
We invite you to participate in a unique picnic lunch experience that is a special exercise in recognizing God’s presence with&in you. Everyone is invited to find a place of solitude to eat lunch, listen and dialogue with God. Guidance will be given before lunch for everyone participating in this experience.

Adults Only Event. Childcare is not provided.

Contact Person: Bob Clark
Phone: 714.861.8152

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