Perichoresis Men’s Conference

Perichoresis Men’s Conference

Join us as we continue the conversation with Baxter, Paul Young, and other renowned speakers, and fellow sojourners for a guided journey through the weekend. This year, in response to input from you, our community, we are featuring the topic, “what now?”.

In addition to our traditionally powerful teaching, to give you an idea of what else to anticipate, we will bring experiences as well from other men who have gone before us, who have wrestled with turning upside down, ideas of broken transactional relationships in business and personal interactions. Men who have experienced transforming them instead into inspiring journeys that mirror Christ in us, the Trinity model of relationships, and inviting ways of life.

Also, this year, we plan more intentional guided group times as part of our community building in the Perichoresis family. In the early days of the men’s gatherings, there was something seemingly magical, powerful, and refreshing about the process of sitting with each other, asking and answering questions, drinking and eating good food, and offering a safe environment to continue to grow wiser in truth. We always long for that as part of our gatherings.

New to the conversation, old to the conversation, it matters not. Bring your journeys, questions, answers, stories, and yourselves. We honor you, and your lives as we continue to celebrate in Christ with each other.

Costs: $260 Lectures, meals (Friday Dinner; Saturday Lunch/Dinner; Sunday Lunch), refreshments throughout.

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