Prayer Two
Lord Jesus Christ, beloved, eternal and faithful Son of the Father incarnate, thank you for your gentle mercy on me in my darkness. Grant to me that which I do not have in myself–faith, hope and love. Bind all forms of darkness and evil that influence me. Share with me your own knowledge of the Father’s heart, that I may know your confidence, your passion, your joy and peace. Pour out your Spirit upon me, that I may be of service to you in your liberation of the human race.
April 11, 2019 — Lauren Henze
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Michael said:

Baxter you won’t remember that we met at an ORW function in Colorado. I have been having an extremely difficult time. Tonight I went back to your thoughts and teachings and Paul Yong’s website to try to find hope. This prayer helped and I thank you. I hope that your blessings continue. I am having so much trouble now believing that I deserve God’s love it is such a weight that I sometimes wish I could just leave the earth and go to heaven now. May I receive the love He pours out. I know it is there I just can’t feel it right now. In His name.

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