Prayer Eight
Father, in the freedom of your endless love and in the safety of your embrace, I acknowledge to you that something happens to me and I get lost in the darkness. Instead of living in your joy, I get crippled inside. Instead of receiving your love, my soul is disturbed. I become needy. I shut down and withdraw. I become self-centered, angry and frustrated. I hurt those I love in my pain. I waste time and life. I am embarrassed. I am scared to look at myself. Forgive me for blaming others for my problems. Speak to my soul, Father. Tell me again that there is more to me than I know. Help me believe that my existence, my life, my future is part of yours. Help me see that facing my life and my hurt means liberation and fullness, not death. Jesus, give me your eyes. Help me to see myself as you do. Holy Spirit bear witness to my soul that I belong to Jesus and his Father forever. Show me where and when and how I am not receiving Jesus’ Father’s love. Show me how my fear is attached to people and places, events and smells and things. Deliver me from the triggers and associations of evil. Forgive me for what I have done and said, not done and not said to your children.
April 05, 2019 — Lauren Henze
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Emanuel Teshome

Emanuel Teshome said:

Hey Baxter this is Todd’s friend , how are you ? This prayer is amazing thank you for participating in what They are doing . You have no idea how thankful I am for you. Today I am continuing to steep, in Love and freedom and mind blowing Joy. I am learning who I Am. Bless you , Joy and peace be you’re constant companion. Take care brother . Oh yea , Todd just had a double hip replacement he almost couldn’t walk before the procedure please send a prayer for healing . And by the way I have been going to a bible study at Chuck Downeys house in Olympia for a few months every Wednesday. There’s a bunch of men who have been walking with Jesus for a long time it’s been such a gift to soak . Chucks cancer is taking a toll on him but he remains in joy . Well again brother much love and thanks for being amazing .

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