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Across All Worlds

Across All Worlds is a friendly, digital space where like-minded members will have access to, gain knowledge of, build relationships with and enjoy fellowship with Dr. Baxter Kruger, and others, in a new online community rooted in the real Gospel and all things Trinitarian.
What’s included in this membership?

Live interactive dialogue and content

Access and interviews with special guests

Access to a world class theologian

Every month a new video

Access to all previous library with over 35 videos

Access to a world class theologian for $25 / month!

live with Baxter

How it Works

Each month a recorded video of Baxter will be made available to subscribers for an investment of $10.00 a month. Sometimes these will be Baxter discussing a topic of interest or addressing questions he has received from all of you. In addition, we hope to have a few extra surprises for you along the way.

Every other month, Baxter will be doing a live, town hall style presentation for subscribers who sign up for this additional level of access. This subscription will be $25 a month. At this subscription level you will also get access to all the videos being made available to the $10 per month subscribers. Plus a few surprises along the way.

In our discussions with you over the last few years, many have expressed a desire for a greater sense of community in the Perichoresis family. We hope Across all Worlds: Live with Baxter will:

  • Provide more access
  • Engender a greater sense of Fellowship
  • Increase Knowledge
  • Provide greater Understanding
  • Foster Relationships